Colorado's First Luxury Cannabis Recreational Facility

Enjoy a Safe & Secure Retreat at Our Facility

Imagine yourself in a private, nurturing environment on three rolling acres, featuring a gazebo, sun patio, 7-person Jacuzzi, two lounges, our signature Bliss Bar and more. Summit Recreational Retreat, LLC is the place to be for a relaxing 4-5 hour afternoon cannabis retreat or an overnight stay in a private, spacious home environment. We are the first truly upscale cannabis-friendly retreat in Colorado. Visit our state of the art, 1,400 sq. ft. facility to make your cannabis experience in Denver, Colorado something you’ll want to write home about!

Relax on our sun patio while enjoying your cannabis experience.

Use our relaxing Bliss Bar with Volcano vaporizer and dab rig during your stay at The Retreat.

Enjoy our 7-person Jacuzzi.

Personalized Cannabis Concierge Services

Our concierge services are designed for those who would like to learn more about cannabis. For anyone who finds themselves curious about cannabis but overwhelmed with the variety of products and dispensaries in Colorado, our cannabis concierge services may be just what you’re looking for. Whether you want to use cannabis for its medicinal or recreational benefits, we will help you not only find the best products for your needs, but will also guide you through the entire buying process. We can provide demonstrations to help you begin using your products. Let us know how we can help you when you call, and make sure to tell us if we can help arrange an appointment with a quality dispensary in our area. We will be happy to help.

Choose a Retreat Package

The Retreat is available for both daytime and overnight guests. Daytime chill-outs cost is $100 per person for 4-5 hours of complete fun and relaxation. For overnight accommodations, guests are treated to a memorable time in our luxurious master suite and bath at  $250/day.

Whether you’re on a journey to explore cannabis as a recreational product, or trying it out for its medicinal benefits, Summit Recreational Facility, LLC is here to make that experience secure, pleasant relaxing, and stress-free!

What to Bring When You Arrive

  • A photo ID for proof of age
  • Cannabis products of your choice
  • A swim suit for the Jacuzzi

Summit Recreational Retreat, LLC is strictly a 21-years-and-above, members-only club. We also have a Bring Your Own Cannabis (BYOC) policy meaning that each guest is expected to bring their own product. The facility doesn’t provide cannabis.

…Marijuana is one of the safest, therapeutically active substances known to man.  Dea Judge Francis Young