Our beloved furry family member, Tucker, developed seizures and skin cancer over this past year–but it seems we’ve tamed both using simple cannabis oil we made in the kitchen.

There’s increasing evidence and research that cannabis can help our four-legged friends as well as our human family members. I had the opportunity to observe just how much it can help when Tucker, our 14-year old bijon frise, began having epileptic-type seizures in the summer of 2016.

His seizures started with a little yelp and Tucker looking confused for the next few minutes. Over three days, the seizures increased in intensity and frequency to about 6 times/day and now included temporary paralysis from the neck down. Tucker would fall to the ground and howl for 15-20 seconds. To this day I don’t know if it was from pain or terror, as it was clear he realized something was terribly wrong. I’d scoop him up in my arms, hold him close and comfort him as best I could. He was so, so scared, he just clung to me. The seizures had gotten so bad so quickly that there was one night we weren’t even sure he’d make it through the night.

From my research, I knew that high-CBD cannabis was effective in helping many human  patients suffering from epileptic seizures, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to try this with Tucker. Earlier that day, we had made an appointment at the vet for the next day; however, that evening I had obtained a gram of high-CBD (non-psychoactive) cannabis concentrate with very little THC (approx 3%). I melted this down with 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. After it solidified, I’d take a bit out and spread it on a small dog treat and give to Tucker about 3 times/day and whenever he yelped.

Within 48 hours after starting the cannabis oil treatment, all of Tucker’s seizures stopped! We were elated and incredibly relieved. The vet couldn’t recommend anything other than blood tests and an MRI to try and determine the source of the issue. Great advice and a very expensive diagnostic procedure, which we declined since we had a good sense we might already have the Rx.

Since then we’ve discovered that cannabis hasn’t cured Tucker’s seizures, but if we give him a daily dose, it keeps them at bay and helps with stiffness in his hips.

Just a month ago in early November, we had a chance to use it again for Tucker, but this time, for what appeared to be skin cancer, a dark discoloration on a few skin tags he developed. Having made high-CBD cannabis oil and successfully treating 3 skin cancer spots on myself over the past 5 years, I thought I’d try my oil on Tucker. I’ve been treating his spots 3 times/day with an eye dropper, and it’s working beautifully, as you’ll see. The cannabis oil appears to dry up the cancer spot, and it begins crumbling away on its own, just as it did for me. His cancer spots are disintegrating.

I should mention that I am in no way professionally qualified to diagnose medical conditions in myself or in animals, however, I’ve done enough research and know many of the beneficial qualities of cannabis, and that it’s non-toxic. I didn’t think it could hurt to at least try and see if it worked for Tucker.

In the photos below, which aren’t perfectly detailed, you can see the obvious improvement over just 4 weeks of treatment. In the second photo, about 2 weeks into treatment, you can see by the dark crumbles in his coat, how the cancer has dried up and is crumbling away easily, which is exactly how it worked for me, (although it usually takes about 2.5-3 months for my spots to vanish).

Today, Tucker is a happy, vital 14.5-year old dog and healthier than ever…as long as he has his pot medicine every day!