Report: Toronto police officers consume seized marijuana edibles on the job, one climbs tree.

“After the two stoned officers became separated, one officer allegedly phoned an off-duty colleague, who then called in “officer needing assistance,” according to the Sun.”

Always know your proper dosage! I’m guessing these were chocolate bars they consumed probably assuming that like a regular chocolate bar you eat the whole thing in one sitting. Oops!

Most cannabis-infused chocolate bars are divided into 10 squares, like the old-time Hershey bar. Each square is usually 5 or 10mgs for a total of 100mgs per bar. 

Also, keep in mind that THC, metabolized through ingestion, is very different from smoking or vaporizing–it becomes a more potent form. Once people figure out their ideal dosage, many prefer the elevation and relief that edibles provide over other forms of consumption, but always use extreme caution when starting out. You don’t want to end up in a tree!

The thing I always tell people to remember about edibles: You can always add, but you can never subtract!