Daytime Retreats

Daytime Retreat Packages

The Chill-Out Package: $40/person

This package grants members unrestricted access to Summit’s 1,400 sq. ft., luxury retreat, which houses two lounges with fireplaces, a Bliss Bar with Volcano Vaporizer, e-nail dab rig, bongs and papers, an indoor 7-person jetted hot tub, 55″ smart TV with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and premium movie channels, kitchenette, among other amenities.

In the nice weather, you’ll love relaxing in our spacious backyard with flower gardens, a water fall feature, outdoor daybed, sun patio and gazebo with views of the Rockies on the horizon. Or have fun playing bocce ball, badminton, and yard darts (the original game!)

Note: We recommend either UBER or LYFT for your transportation needs so that you can fully enjoy a relaxing and stress-free cannabis experience. General transportation costs are estimated at $40 for 4 from downtown Denver, with surge pricing on holidays.




Ask Us About Upgrading Your Visit

We provide upgrades aimed at making your stay even more enjoyable! These include:

  • Cannabis Oil Massage – A relaxing, therapeutic cannabis oil massage (or regular massage oil) by a licensed professional massage therapist:
    $120 for 60 minutes, $150 for 75 minutes, and $180 for 90 minutes. Couples massage also available: $220 for 60 minutes.
    We recommend a 72-hr advance notice for this service.
  • AromaTouch Relaxation Session – Enjoy an uplifting essential oil experience using 8 doTERRA essential oils. This is a specialized aromatherapy treatment designed to balance, detox, and uplift the body and spirit. It begins with a light massage of cannabis oil into the back. Then each essential oil is gently applied in a “rain drop” technique up the spine and massaged into the back, one oil at a time. This combination of essential oils promotes relaxation, stress relief, immune support, decreases pain and elevates mood.
    40 minutes: $80
    We recommend a 24-hr advance notice for this service, but it’s possible it can be scheduled the day of.
  • Tantric Sensory Healing Spa – A luxurious two-hour experience that pampers the senses, and relaxes and revitalizes the body. This service includes:
    1. A hydrotherapy session in our indoor jetted hot tub.
    2. A customized Aromatherapy session
    3. A sensual, non-sexual tantric healing session to clear and balance the body’s energy centers, consisting of sensory touch, gentle massage, kundalini invigoration, breathwork and guided visualization.
    2 hours: $170
    We suggest a 48-hr advance notice for this service.
  • Karen Berggren, one of your hosts, is a practitioner certified in essentail oil modalities. She also provides the healing spa experience. Contact us to arrange your cannabis oil massage, AromaTouch essential oil session, or our luxurious Tantric Sensory Healing Spa experience!

Private Rentals: Summit Recreational Retreat, LLC is available for private rentals, whether for workshops, special events, celebrations, or business meetings. We can comfortably accommodate 35 people indoors and more outside. Please contact us for more details.

Personalized Cannabis Concierge Services

Our concierge services are designed for those who would like to learn more about cannabis. For anyone who finds themselves curious about cannabis but overwhelmed with the variety of products and dispensaries in Colorado, our cannabis concierge services may be just what you’re looking for. Whether you want to use cannabis for its medicinal or recreational benefits, we will help you not only find the best products for your needs, but will also guide you through the entire buying process. We can provide demonstrations to help you begin using your products. Let us know how we can help you when you call, and make sure to tell us if we can help arrange an appointment with a quality dispensary in our area. We will be happy to help.