Who We Are

The Retreat is a private, members-only, cannabis-focused recreational facility based in Denver, Colorado. Our facility is owned by visionary and socially aware professionals, Ken Hampshire and Karen Berggren. Together, we are excited to offer you a unique place where you can spend quality time, alone or with loved ones, and learn about or simply enjoy cannabis. Our goal is to make your experience here fun, relaxing, and educational, while also making sure you feel safe using your cannabis products no matter what experience level you might have.

After cannabis became legal in Colorado, we recognized that there were too few places people could go to and enjoy their products in a secure, relaxing, upscale venue. We saw the opportunity to open a secure and enjoyable place for people to relax and enjoy themselves in a more private and luxurious environment. Together, we work tirelessly to ensure that our guests fully enjoy their stay. Even if it’s just an afternoon, we’ll make it an occasion you’ll cherish for a long time.

Ken Hampshire

Ken is a successful digital entrepreneur, a dietary supplement formulator, and a type-2 diabetes and nutritional expert. He also enjoys writing and gardening and has a keen interest in religion, politics, and local issues. Ken loves to engage people on almost any topic. With more than 30-years’ worth of sales experience, he recognizes the importance of delivering the best possible experience for his guests.

Karen Berggren

Karen is a heart-centered cannabis health coach with extensive experience in cannabis cultivation and knowledge of its medical, psychological, and spiritual benefits. She works to assists her clients to consciously and responsibly integrate cannabis into their  lives. She also enjoys introducing newcomers to cannabis, helping them understand its benefits and the most appropriate usage methods depending on an individual’s needs. Karen is also the author of “Circle of Shaman: Healing through Ecstasy, Rhythm and Myth.”



Meet Tucker, our 4-legged companion, who plays a vital role at The Retreat dispensing his affection throughout the facility when he’s not scanning the horizon for roaming gangs of deer, or the floor for a wayward crumb.